Denis Leary
The son of Irish immigrants Denis Leary was born in Worcester Mass on Aug 18 1957 and began performing his trademark frenetic standup routines while attending Emerson College His wildly popular oneman show No Cure for Cancer which featured rants on everything from the joys of smoking to aging pop stars had successful runs in Londons West End and on Broadway before becoming a Showtime special in 1992Soon after MTV hired Leary to do a series of promos in which he paced smoked furiously and ranted on popular culture This led to small film roles and in 1994 Leary landed his first starring role in The Ref Other notable films include Wag the Dog The Thomas Crown Affair and The Secret Lives of DentistsIn the early 2000s Leary wrote and starred in two critically acclaimed TV series Rescue Me which earned him Golden Globe and Emmy nominations and The Job

TIL Louie CK believes Denis Leary stole one of his jokes that eventually became the asshole song.

@JacklynSnoek yes it is true I am an asshole... and denis leary was my roll model...

"I like football and pornos and books about war... But sometimes that just ain't enough... I'm an A**hole!" -Denis Leary

"My father could swear in Gaelic and English, by the way, .." #Denis #Leary #Actor

Shoutout to the guy doing Denis Leary impressions for the local affiliate Ford ads like he's stuck at an open mic from 1998.

RT @LizGillies: It's official!!! RT "@THR: FX Orders @denisleary Comedy 'Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll' to Series

Also here's a Love Hina AMV set to Denis Leary's "Life's Gonna Suck".

@iamcolinquinn @theMMPodcast Greg Giraldo owns Denis Leary on Colin Quinn's Tough Crowd:

I liked a @YouTube video from @pestz4evah Denis Leary ripped off "I'm An Asshole" from Louis CK.

Greg Giraldo owns Denis Leary #deadly

Greg Giraldo, one of my all-time favorite comics, died 4 years ago. Here's him demolishing Denis Leary:

You ever see Denis Leary stand-up?

@swarthyvillain Bush - Glycerine (Dubbed Over Video Of CGI Denis Leary Flipping A Cigarette At the Camera in Slow Mo).mp4

RIP #GregGiraldo classic destruction of Denis Leary @iamcolinquinn

@littlemon32 @EileenLarg @PatClark27 Rene Russo, Denis Leary, and Faye Dunaway plays his shrink!!