Wes Studi

WES STUDI at Rose City Comic Con.(Portland, OR) @WesleyStudi @OneHeadlightInk http://t.co/X4uxe5A7NY

@ariefmardi @infoLengkap: Lebih susah untuk menghilangkan kecanduan konten pornografi daripada kecanduan narkoba.[Studi Univ. of California]

Today at #RoseCityComicCon I got the autographs of Sasha Roiz (@NBCGrimm), @Ernie_Hudson (#Ghostbusters) and Wes Studi (Mystery Men).

Bab kek gini mah gak usah di riset, wes paham :/"@Fakta: Studi di Inggris menemukan: wanita lebih sering memutuskan hubungan dibanding pria

RT @mtlkeith: @SkipRadcliffe Wes Studi! He was amazing as Geronimo as well as in LOTM.

@SkipRadcliffe Wes Studi! He was amazing as Geronimo as well as in LOTM.

Wes Studi, Chief Eytukan in #Avatar, will be at Rose City Comic Con! After you see him, be sure to come say hi to us! http://t.co/ReOq5bIjmR

Are you going to #RCCC this weekend? Wes Studi from #LastoftheMochicans will be there too! http://t.co/p7zjCURePl

I'm helming panels at @RoseCityCC w/ actor Wes Studi and artist Tom Cook. Join me! Also hoping @NKMToo will finally sing to me in person.

Wes Studi was a strait up Beast in Dances with wolves and Last of the Mohicans 🙌

Wes Studi will be at Rose City Comic Con this weekend and we can't wait! See how well you know him here: http://t.co/w29COQK3dI #RCCC

@NativeApprops Can u imagine if there was indigenous woman detective alongside Wes Studi's character in Heat? And they talked about work?

2those who've never seen this masterpiece:@JohnMilius& @WalterHill's"GERONIMO:An American Legend"starring WES STUDI: http://t.co/DNoGGm4l1u

#NowPlaying Vangelis – No Expectation Boulevard feat. Rutger Hauer, Wes Studi, Bhaskar… http://t.co/icvQkWOuqj