Wes Studi

@waluablequotes "If you don't master your fears,.....Your fears will master you".........- Wes Studi

.@UrbanNativeGirl I've always liked Wes Studi's role as a detective in Michael Mann's H.E.A.T. - he was just another detective #CBCNewFire

GERONIMO/ Su La7 il film drammatico con Wes Studi e Gene ... http://t.co/k0DWiDdotu

With the great Wes Studi #ThePipeline https://t.co/2IoEv9fyev

@thefamousmrX Wes Studi as the Sphinx has to be the stand out moment. #watermelonfeet

THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS: Lesser Mann, but Mann nonetheless. Wes Studi is terrifying.

RT @GwenLynnn: @WesleyStudi Note to self: Never ask Wes Studi questions that can be answered with a yes, no or soon! Ntl, great! "Soon" the…