Wes Studi

@Fuzzy0031 Haha ballin like you were Wes Studi last night

No Wes Studi last night tho

"But always in his heart, he is Huron." Magua's backstory time. Wes Studi is one of the coolest villains of all time. #LastoftheMohicans

午後ローで録画したニューヨーク2014て映画にこの人出てるんだが以前に何かで観てたの思い出せないダンスウィズウルブスかなぁ → Wes Studi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://t.co/m6akD9hj9O

Yaallah nggarap Studi Kasus ae wes koyok antara ada dan tiada opo maneh ntar sidangnya :") http://t.co/A1fW865t3H

Wes Studi, Oklahoma Cherokee and one of my fave actors! http://t.co/lqNK1qWF3c

You really should LIKE Wes Studi! Yummy! http://t.co/TLLFOuQOMI

RT @PeevishPenman: Like Wes Studi? https://t.co/4jd1pxIzON I do.

Like Wes Studi? https://t.co/4jd1pxIzON I do.

Wes Studi give away :) http://t.co/QgVPXp3c6E

We love Wes Studi! http://t.co/nd7roKrmnM

Like Wes Studi's page so I can get a chance for an autograph... He's done great things for my tribe. He's also... http://t.co/dl6QyAnHw9

From Wes Studi http://t.co/C3nqM5zNCP

@4N6XMNR One of my favorite movie soundtracks #LastoftheMohicans with Russ Means and Wes Studi. 1 of 2 blu-rays I own

@WidaOny aku wes metu tinggal studi islam yeyeyey hahaha